Friday, January 10, 2014

Witness Wristbands Spreading the Good News!

Witness Wristbands How encouraging to hear how a retired missionary continues to spread the Gospel while in her absence!
A few days ago, I heard from a former missionary to Papua New Guinea. Even in her senior years, she tells me she's found a way to continue to spread the Good News throughout the mission field where she served as a Bible translator. 
The nationals love to wear Witness Wristbands that she sends to them. When others ask them what the symbols mean, they are able to tell the story of Jesus and explain how to be saved, showing through each symbol how He came, how He died, how He arose, how He ascended, and how He's coming back. 
She was so happy to find the wristbands on our store and be able to buy them in bulk. What a unique way to spread the Good News!

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