Monday, April 15, 2013

Turning lemons into lemonade

Turning lemons into lemonadeGot to do a personal connect with a customer today. Turned a frustrating circumstance into a positive opportunity and, in the process, got to meet one of the finest 19-year-olds on the planet—a really heartwarming experience!

The girl had used her smartphone to place an order and had mistakenly hit a wrong number in the zip code, causing the shipment to be return, undeliverable. I could have easily let myself get pretty upset over it but, instead, determined to turn this into a positive experience.

I noticed it was homeschooling materials that were ordered so I asked her to tell me about her child(ren). Come to find out, the customer wasn't the mother, as I'd assumed—it was the oldest daughter, a sibling of 13 homeschooled children.

What really warmed my heart was to see the beautiful attitude of this young lady. For one, she was so happy for the opportunity to personally connect with me but, most of all, she is already discipling her younger siblings and making plans to disciple others God brings across her path. She told me how she's been busy building a library of what she calls her "discipleship books." She's also invested in a children's library of character-building storybooks.

What she wrote next really made my day:
I am excited about what the Lord is already doing in my life as well as in the lives of my wonderful sisters, just by letting me personally make the investment, but also opening some opportunities to recommend these books to others who have no clue where to start for this kind of influence, input, instruction, guidance, and examples.
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Tell me how you turned a lemon into lemonade today. I'm eager to hear.